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Trap Incidents -- Stories from people throughout Nevada -
Pets and Unintended Wildlife getting Trapped



Incident Reports Continued

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Told in person Feb. 22, 2014


It was December 23, 2013, the first day of what we planned to be a three-week camping trip. I was with my 12-pound poodle, Woodrow, and a friend. We were hiking the Mormon Mountains near Las Vegas to see the petroglyphs. We parked by the wash and hiked about ten feet when I heard Woodrow screaming. His right front paw was in a trap. I tried desperately to free him although he was biting me and there was blood everywhere. I realized much of the blood was mine - from the bites and from my struggles with the trap.

I examined the device as calmly as I could and reasoned I was at least as intelligent as whomever set it. So I managed to open it and we took Woodrow to the nearest veterinarian which was in Mesquite.

Woodrow couldn't walk for the first day, but he did recover and we continued our trip. He was nervous and hesitant - whereas he had not been nervous before he got trapped. I called Nevada Dept. of Wildlife (NDOW) and was told sorry, but they couldn't do anything because the trap was legally set.

"Thank you for sharing our story. It was the most horrific and helpless feeling, seeing my little dog writhing and screaming in pain. He was fortunate enough to have me there to release him from the torture, but so many animals don't have that good fortune. They are instead left to suffer for days until the trapper puts them out of their misery with a shot to the head. I don't understand how this cruelty is legal in what is touted to be a civilized society." -Woodrow's Proud Mom, Sonja Mills

Told in person March 2, 2014

Open wound rear paw
Trap he Dragged Home


Leslie Bagley lives in the Dayton area with a few pets, including her 100-lb. part-pitbull, Brutus. In the evenings, Brutus will jump the fence to play in the neighborhood, a busy residential area. He usually plays for about 30 minutes, then comes right home. However, Feb. 23, 2014, Brutus was gone for an hour and a half. Then Leslie heard Brutus’ “little buddy” whining. She also heard an alarming noise which turned  out to be  clanking of a metal trap still attached to Brutus’ hind foot. This big dog was strong enough to pull out the spike that held the trap to the ground and so was able to drag himself home, trap and all.

Luckily a friend was available to remove the trap. Apparently the rear toes were injured with open wounds. On her Facebook page, Bagley says: “Brutus was caught in a trap! This is the damage and the swelling after cleaning it up! Worried about that open wound because the trap is rusty! Expect it to look worse in the morning when it has had time to really swell! Thank God it was not a trap with teeth! Could have been much worse!”

Bagley continues: “What concerns me most is the fact that this trap was set where horses, dogs, kids and dirt bikes all play! If he set one he probably set more and who or what will be the next victim? Oh and I called the police who said call fish and game who said call the police!”An NDOW game warden did respond. After walking the back yard area, the warden concluded the trap was set legally, but no further evidence was found. He suggested Brutus might have been in the hills, but Bagley insists this dog goes no further than the neighborhood.

The following week was all about taking care of her injured dog: “He refuses to be away from me for even a second! I have had an revelation....sick boy dogs are as big of babies as sick boy humans! I can not move without Brutus stuck like glue! Poor baby is so sore! Think he's feeling worse today! “It's really hard to do anything when 100 pounds of muscle doesn't want you to go anywhere... Poor baby? Poor me! Can't do a damn thing and he thinks he should be allowed in my lap!

He's a very sore very sad boy right now but he will be okay because he is a strong hearted baby.He refuses to be away from me for even a second!”

Feb. 25: “Brutus' foot today! It is very swollen and very sore! Notice the way the toes are separated because of the swelling and how small his leg looks! My dog is still swollen and very sore. I fear his foot is broken but he is eating now and got excited over a treat so I think he's feeling a little better! The next few days will be rough on us but we will get through them!

“Apparently this makes the fourth incident in two months that has been reported! How many others weren't reported?” Bagley warns anybody in the Dayton area to be on the lookout for traps.

The story can be followed on Bagley’s Facebook page: “To those who have shown concern over what happened to my dog . . .I wish to say Thank You! Some of you went above and beyond and posted our story on other pages and there have been messages and suggestions and phone calls that have proven helpful! I will update from time to time and again thanks for caring and sharing! “

Told in person March 22, 2014

Three years ago, my wife and I hiked with our dog in the Pine Nuts. Suddenly we heard the dog hollering. We found her with her foot caught in a trap. I worked hard and got her foot out. It was just a bruise. The trap was set about 15 feet from the trail, which is a popular hiking trail. We left a note on a tree and took the trap home with us. We found out from the warden that we shouldn't keep the trap. The trapper contacted us and got his trap back. He was pleasant about it. Still, we see no need for trapping.


Told in person April 27, 2014

Two years ago our Vizla got trapped in Virginia City Highlands. She was saved by the bell on her collar. That got snapped off by the trap, but the trap didn't injure her.


Told in person May 24, 2014

About 20 years ago, Cathy Gray's cat, Snowball, came back to their Rancho Haven home dragging a trap which had snapped onto one of her front paws. Snowball had been missing for two days. Cathy and one other person met her at the front step and managed to get the trap off. The tips of the cat's toes were injured, but fortunately that was the extent of injury.

Told in person May 24, 2014

Cindy Potter's dog, Bailey, was with the family on a hunting trip, Fall of 2013. Bailey was running ahead and stepped into a trap which Mr. Potter managed to open.

Told in person by American Red Cross Dog First Aid Instructor, Peggy Rew

Nevada Humane Society volunteers Linda and Mark Scheffel took the dog class in October, 2010 and wanted to share this report:
Walking in the Sunrise Pass area, our dog, Lucy became ensnared in animal trap. But thanks to your Dog First Aid Class, we were able to successfully free her from the trap. She was very unhappy, but calmed down immediately with the Creative Muzzling Techniques we learned.
We used my husband's belt to muzzle her and were able to free her from the trap without a scratch. Thank Goodness! This experience alone is well worth the time and cost of the class.

Would you know what to if your dog gets caught in a leg trap? Simple, but effective creative muzzling techniques for your own pet will give you time to resolve the situation.

Your Northern Nevada ARC Chapter has offered classes since 2008 and is one of only a handful of chapters that offer them. Classes are ongoing, so contact Peggy Rew for information.
Rew will travel to your group for classes or for demos at special events or programs.
775.626.0982 or rewcrew@charter.net or www.rewcrew.com


"As a veterinarian I naturally abhor cruelty to animals in any form.
I can think of no more cruel manner in which to inflict pain and
suffering than the use of leghold traps."
-W.G. Magrane, DVM, Veterinary Ophthalmologist